IxD Field

Hi All,

Thought I would start a discussion regarding Interaction Design. What do you think IxD can learn from Industrial Design? In other words, what things from ID can be used, tools, processes, etc., to help make IxD as a profession stronger?


every dicipline can learn from each other…in fact, in industrial Design, iDX is part of the methodology, but not as specialized… as to answering your questions…heres a few quick shots at it.:

  1. methodology/ design process
  2. physical implementation ideas
  3. humanizing techy projects/ understanding the real human instincts
  4. Marketing business, value opportunities understandings
  5. a very different dataset of knowledge that most GD, idx, archs, or any other diciplines. (multidiciplinary is what i define as idx…or where it should be heading)

that should do it for my quick 2 minute thoughts. idx in the physical, rather than purely GUI, design world is incredibly exciting… i believe many ID ppl are transitioning to this realm as the digital age becomes more of our daily lives…
thats all for noe…i want to hear what others think.