I've never laughed so hard!


Who and What was that???

Is that the new fatboyslim vid?

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I have no idea what that was?

Talking about laughing your a55 off, check out the window in the third pic:


What even funnier is that this guy doesn’t get it!

“I also stick a web counter up at this time to see if people are looking at it. 50,000 hits in 2 hours and I realise what’s been going on. So that’s where we are, sans website layout but the pictures live on. Thanks to all those that have asked me questions or simply said they enjoyed the piccies, sorry if I haven’t replied I got loads + all the stupid spam gmail gets.”

ok, i may have to much time on my hands. I “needed” to know what the hell that video clip was. Turns out it was some poor dude singing into his web cam. Some how his “super star moment” got out and people started reediting the clip. There are many versions of these clips out on the net now. The real funny thing is that the Romanian band (Ozone) that recorded the track (Dragostea din tei ) also have a video (http://mapage.noos.fr/martialro/ozone/video.html) it is even worse than the fat dude singing! I like that they take of in a airplane to do a recording session in the sky but spend half the time dancing on the wings. Nothing is better than bad eastern European dance music!


the poor quality clipart/vector artwork cracked me up…

here’s another…

I went to see Deuce Bigalow this weekend and it reminded me of this thread when this song came on. BTW, very funny movie, highly recommend it, makes fun of arrogant Dutch (and us Americans too for that matter).