I've got a situation here...

Move to Chantilly, VA or find a new job in Milwaukee/Chicago area?

  • Move
  • Stay; find another job.

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So I just found out on Friday that the company that publishes our magazine is going to move our production offices from Appleton, WI to Chantilly, VA. So everyone at our office has to decide by mid-July whether they want to accept a job in VA or attempt to find a new job in WI or somewhere else…

Heh…not quite sure what I want to do. I’m pretty happy with this job and it pays well.

Oh yeah…heh. I actually got contacted by a recruiter at Abercrombie & Fitch who saw my portfolio on coroflot.com! I contacted him to set up an interview but the bish never called me back.

I grew up really close to Chantilly-- take it from me, you don’t want to live there. Live in DC or just outside in VA and you will be MUCH happier. Chantilly is your typical suburban sprawl. As for product design-- the area is practically dry, but it sounds like you’re in print, so that might not be such a big deal. Put it this way-- I’m in Chicago now and I dont have any desire to go back home anytime soon. Good luck.

Grew up just a matter of miles west of Appleton.

You want to stay there because? By the way is it quadgraphics? If so that will suck for many of my high school buddies and their families.