ITT-Tech Institutes?

Hey just another question. One school ive thought about was an ITT-Tech institute, can anyone give me some feedback on them. Is it a respectable school?


I didn’t know they had an ID program…

the commercial I saw said something like this… I’m Ed and I’m an Industrial Designer from ITT. I run the drafting department for an environmental agency… I think some of these places might just teach some of the tools of the trade but then call it the same, teach me photoshop and now I’m a graphic designer type of stuff. But then again, I never went there or knew anybody who has, so who’s to say? Do some research, find out what schools the people at all the firms went to, should give you some good answers.

ITT Technical Institute,

Some of them are actually not bad

I would have to disagree with you regarding the quality of their work. A general pattern was that their layouts were disgustingly busy. The architectural renderings they posted contained nothing of interest, and the lighting and view setup were boring to boot. In each image that I started out thinking was ‘not too bad’, I would discover something that really bothered me. One guy even mispelled the heading on one of his images.

Go to the best place you can get into, don’t talk yourself into accepting less than you deserve by saying, “oh, it doesn’t look too bad”.

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