its that time again

its that time again, time to revise and change the good old portfolio site. so if you could take a look and tell me what you think. I welcome any constructive criticism.


Change the FONT or whatever you are doing to stretch that font in your portfolio. Absolutely painful to the eyes. I didn’t even read it.

yup your stretched font is hard to read as body text.

not really sure about the overuse of yellow circles and there seems to be a lot of white space everywhere.

also see if you can sort out your tables as the title bar doesn’t line up with the page below it.

Be consistent in the use of line-work and phtography in your portfolio. Is there a reason why the Kid fireman is a photograph, and not the rowing project?

thanks everyone I have just updated my site based upon the feedback.

the font problem should be fixed.

the nav bar was designed to fall center like everythingelse. (maybe it is a bad thing)

the kid dressed as a fireman and the sketchbook on the front page will eventually be lineart like the other bubbles, or maybe I should make them all photos, what do you think?

Any comments about the work? good bad average?

thanks again