Its on talent.

You know, we talk a lot about what school to go to, what is better. The fact is, when you enter a school, its really a guess to know who is going to be “talented” and who is not. I think if you can get into a school with the facility’s and some quailty instructors, we really take what we want from a school. Art and design is so different from business or even engineering where a good school can make you, but I think talent makes you in art? What do y’all think.

Talent plus hard work. People with talent who don’t work hard isn’t going to get anywhere.

You are correct to a point.

I preffer the word skill to talent. The difference, talent implies something you are born with and thusly is what it is. Skill, while you may have some predesposition, refers to something you can work on and build. (such as my week skills in spelling)

And this is exactly where a quality program comes in. You have skills, you got in right? But now those skills will have to mature if you want to compete in the global design landscape. Without quality instructors and an equally skilled and competitive peer group, you will not get as good as fast, as others out there.

When shopping for a school ask how many instructors went to that program, you don’t want an in-bred teaching system where people graduate and then go right to teaching at the same school. Ask to see if they have a portfolio of instructors work, after all if you cant respect your potential instructor’s work, how can you learn from that person? Ask what percentage of instructors are working and where? Do they have ongoing relationships with corporations through sponsered projects, internship programs, or recruitment opportunities?

So buyer be ware when picking a school. The instructors and quality of students are what make the difference, don’t be sold on fancy buildings or beautiful facilities… afterall you can’t take them when you gradutate, can you now?

Yo, you sound like you speak from experience, heh heh heh. Definitely check the credentials of who’s teaching you. Inbred schools and programs that are out of touch with the rest of the real design world definitely exist.

eh, and sometimes those schools cost 25-30k a year and are listed in the top 5 design schools by U.S. News… what do those guys know about design school anyway.

I like some schools like KU fine arts and others im sure that have policy against hiring alumni grads. That way they can have new fresh ideas and not “inbreed” their set ways. Design is about evolution of ideas, and you can’t do that if everyone is tought the same, and it goes in circles.