It's official

President Bush finally admitted there are no Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. Did someone accidently slip him some Truth Serum? This is completely out of character and nothing else makes sense.

There’s a difference between admitting there are no weapons and admiting Iraq was a mistake. What did he say?.. please share the comment.

“WASHINGTON - Faced with a harshly critical new report, President Bush (news - web sites) conceded Thursday that Iraq (news - web sites) did not have the stockpiles of banned weapons he had warned of before the invasion last year, but insisted that “we were right to take action” against Saddam Hussein (news - web sites).”

I heard him say while watching news. Stupid Repubs don’t understand you can be suporting sanctions and wanting Saddam out, but can still say that HOW it was done was a mistake. So THIS war - Bush’s Bring’em On We Go It Alone War - is a different war than it had to be. The mistake was making American people pay for most of it with money and blood. The right war would have been to tell America the truth. But they lied. Bush and Cheney lied about buying nucleur material. And now we know that Rice lied and she even KNEW she was lieing. She told America aluminium tubes were PROOF of nuclear program. She was told three times at least that maybe and even likely those tubes were for artillary rockets. She KNEW it wasn’t proof but she told America it was proof. Not maybe it was. Not that she thought it was. But that it was PROOF. So she LIED to America. HOw much simpler does it have to be before Bush Retards understand?

Cheney is the biggest liar of them all. When he was the Sec of Defence under Bush Sr, he claimed that US sattelites captured immages of 300 000 soldiers and thousands of tanks along the Kuwaiti and Iraqi border. This picture was never presented to the American public. This was his justification for the liberation of Kuwait in 91. The Russians took the same sattelite pictures and were shown to the public and found none. If Americans watch from the outside of what is going on in the US you will find out that the US is ruled by a bunch of nutcase.

This guy did the same to deceive the Marican people to invade Iraq.

This guy is pretty shifty. Totally nuts. If you get CBC in the USA u should watch his unauthoried biography this Sunday Oct 10. And you will know what I am talking about. see

Hopefully CBS can actually use credible documents this time to make it’s case.

It is which is the national station in Canada much like the BBC in Brittain. Not CBS. click the site.

Oops, thanks, I’m dis;lexic. thanks. I don’t think I get that channel. If I do I’ll watch it.

You can still click on the picture of Cheney and click on the headings it will give you summary.

Oh come on, it’s not as if it’s new. Everyone knows it all along, but too weak to stop him, or simply just don’t care.

Liar? Hmmm… that’s not lie, that’s politically correct statements. Bush and Chaney doesn’t make Kerry less of a liar. What matters is who’s lie gets their people in trouble.

I’m only voting for Kerry because I have no other choice. That’s sad. That seems to be the attitude of a lot of people I know. It doesn’t seem Kerry can stand on his own record so he is going to win because because he points out how bad Bush is. I can’t figure out if he is a better choice because I don’t know what he plans to do other than try to do what Bush isn’t. Why can’t there be a better choice? I want to know what Kerry is going to do differently than doing nothing in Senate for the last 20 years. Edwards only says the same thing as Kerry… nothing new there. Neither Bush nor Kerry have strong points to stand on. I think I’m in the anybody but Bush list. Kerry is anybody. Bush and Cheney are liars. Why should I vote other than MTV tells me to?

What the hell are you talking about. I don’t understand what your point is. Please make your points clear.

It’s better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you’re stupid, then it is to open it and have them know you’re stupid.

It’s better just to call someone stupid and make them go away.