its in the numbers, the cost of energy by btu

thisis from the energy infromeaind adminstration, the office of engery efficiency and renewable energy.

for 115,400 btu’s of energy you will pay

$ 3.10 in gasoline
$ 14.44 for solar voltaic
$ 1.66 for wind
$ 2.70 for biofuel b-20
$ $3.75 for nuclear
$ 0.91 for hydro
$ 1.68 for georthermal
$ 5.37 for natural gas

makes it pretty clear where we want to invest dont it

I missed this topic somehow. Interesting data. It’s amazing what a difference 5-10 years make. I remember $.90 gallon gas. When fossil fuels were that cheap, I understand the resistance to change. Today, it seems rather stupid.

Vermont is supposedly the most liberal state in the union, but their efforts to build wind turbines have been consistently shot down by the nimby-ism. Maybe $3.10 isn’t enough…

good grief…I remember $0.25/gallon.