It's cold here


just sayin’

Where is that?

For the first time since I remember we had green grass and rain on Christmas Eve this year, northern Sweden, about 200km south of the arctic circle. Now it’s +7 C.

Greater Chicagoland.

I’m working from home, I can’t imagine what downtown feels like.

-24F in Minneapolis when I woke up this morning. Bright side, not much traffic today!

Cold here too… but it is 9:30.

I gotta say guys, I grew up in southern Indiana and lived over in Rantoul, Illinois for a quite a few years but I sure as hell don’t remember it being anyway near as f’n cold as it is right now. Wife’s family is all in Indianapolis; her 92 year old mum is snowed in. My cousin lives up in Cedarburg and hasn’t left the house for days.

I hope you’re all well. Don’t take any unnecessary risks.

Can’t believe we are even hotter than California right now.

This is not winter. The skiing resorts are already restarting
their summertime gadgets like bike trails…


Still cold.

But up to a balmy -8F.

I passed at least two dozen cars off the road, backwards, straddling the median, etc on 90 outbound this morning. LEOs and tow trucks must be awfully busy. Looking forward to the heatwave this weekend to say the least!

Going to NTB at lunch. The battery crapped out last night in the company lot. The car turns on in my garage. I say my chances of turning it on at lunch without a jump is 1 in 5.


No kidding! -24 yesterday morning to 36 on Friday. 60 degrees in 5 days! This is certainly an extreme climate.

The typically crappy Seattle weather (low 40’s and rain) would feel wonderful to half of the USA.

-1 and windy in NJ. It was 49 yesterday.


Today I learned, at -8F (Chicago), the moisture from breathing out through a scarf will freeze on your eyelashes, sticking them together and to your hood.

Ya, it’s cold here too. About -1F now, -7F at night. -18F with windchill.

Still running though…… fun to go for a run and when others think you are crazy, let them know you are warmer than they are standing at a bus stop!


Slowly getting warmer here. -1F, -20F w/ windchill.

I wish you pounds and ounces luddites would put on Celsius as well. I thought you were quite soft till I did the conversion, and here it’s heading to a balmy 38°C by Friday (100.8°F).

Don’t crack the enamel on your teeth.

It’s so cold here, ponds are frozen solid and can withstand the impact of a truck crashing down onto it without breaking. There’s even video evidence…

Slow down folks…

Just because the rest of the world has to dumb it down so they can divide by 10 doesn’t mean we are luddites. :wink:

-3F (-19.4444C) this morning. It it supposed to rain on Saturday. Go figure.