It's Back - Tech Days Educational Seminars

Attend Technology Days Presented by Toshiba machine in Elk Grove Village, Illinois on October 17th - 18th.

Tech Days has become very popular due to the educational content, question / answer time, and innovations in manufacturing on display.

One of the highlights of the exhibits will be a fully functioning manufacturing work cell containing a electric injection molding machine running an Aluminum Tool. Parts are being removed via robotics.

Short Explanation

2 Days of presentations of the latest innovations in manufacturing. On display will be a running Aluminum Tool in an all electric injection molding machine work cell.

There will be a question answer session after each presenter. This is an excellent time to discuss upcoming designs and manufacturing challenges with industry experts.

Phoenix Proto will be discussing the 6 major impact area’s of Aluminum Tooling and how it can be significant cost savings for your organization / clients organizations.

We are excited to have a few new presenters at this event. There will be a presentation on liquid silicone molds which we think might be of interest to the designers on Core77.

Why You should Attend

Anyone involved with manufacturing needs to learn current cost saving methods. This is so much more than a demonstration of various components in the manufacturing supply chain, it is an actual educational event.

Tech days is specifically geared towards education and not promotion.

Open question and answer forum for information exchange.

We encourage you to network with the other attendee’s, so please introduce yourself to others.

What to Expect

This is an open house format. You are welcome to attend both days in their entirety or just for the presentations of your choosing.

Lunch will be served.

What to Bring

A colleague.
Pen and paper.
Business cards for new connections.


October 17th - 18th
9am - 5pm

Toshiba Machine Technical Center
755 Greenleaf Ave.
Elk Grove Village, Illinois 60007

For More Information / Registration

Space is limited, so we ask that every please RSPV via the PDF, PM on Core77 or contact Phoenix Proto or Toshiba machine directly.

I just wanted to say “Thank You” to everyone who attended Tech Days! It was the best Tech Days yet! We challenged all of our presenters to really ramp up their information and they came through.

There were over 100 attendees each day from companies like Honda, Whirlpool, Stryker Instruments, Abbott Laboratories, Alcoa, Baxter Healthcare, Continental Automotive, Harley Davidson, ITW, Molex, Navistar, P & G, Shure Communications and many more.

Our sponsor Toshiba Machine went all out with incredible lunches each day that provided the perfect time for networking and meeting new connections. There were quite a few folks who ran out of business cards.

Toshiba Machine also conducted tours of their facility each day for attendee’s who were curious about their operation.

We are looking forward to the next Tech Days scheduled for Toshiba Machines new Canadian Tech Center in the Toronto area. Ideas are being tossed around and we will be including more presenter demonstrations and a question and answer panel at the end of each day for those attendee’s who were not quite ready with a question immediately after a presentation.

Thanks Again!!!