Its' a GREAT time to be an Industrial Designer-

I have to pass on the excitement that I have right now about being in the field-

I just saw the theatrical trailer for the new star wars movie, and the designs of all of the conceptual things in those films have an ID’ers fingerprints all over them.

ASIDE FROM THAT, I just imagine the number of products have not even been made and the ones that can be improved to help people & to look better & to just be so much cooler, and the fact that we’re still in the very beginning of the 21st century.

THINK ABOUT the number of innovative CAD and manufacturing methods and NEW MATERIALS that have yet to be invented, and that we all, in a behind-the scenes sort of way, can revolutionize the way people live, the way things look, etc.-


Hola Edwards, estas exatamente verdad, estamos en una carrera tan buena que todos quieren entrar y practicarlo.