It's a chalkboard coat rack

This is a coat rack that has an opening to store a phone, mp3 player, wallet, whatever. There is no reason that a multi charger would not work in it, I just have not shown it here. There was not much process to this, it just sort of came to me. It is for nothing, other than personal practice. But I’d like to hear what you think.

It was told to me to incorporate a dry erase pen in the antlers (maybe two small points on the lower inside). One being a pen the other an eraser, why not.

what happens if it is writted on and then i put my black/white coat on ? wuoldn’t it stain my clothes???

I’d have to look at dry erase pens, I would think that staining cloth/ felt / leather has been accommodated for. If not buy a new coat!

It is a good point, I wanted to use chalk first, but that would show up on dark wool and other materials very well and very easily so no go on the chalk.


What problem is being solved? Who is the market?

Keep stuff that makes marks away from my clothes!

Far side of the bedroom seems like an odd place to put this. Not where I need to hang coats, not where I need to make notes.

All your sketches show the same thing?? Where’s the exploration?

What is the form/color all about? The mounted deer head reference is obvious (and trendy), but why is it a glossy black blob?

If charging devices, what about access? Does that mean a charge cord is going to hang down the wall?

I think you’ll be more successful if you focus on what you’re trying to deliver before you deliver it. I think a coat rack that charges mobile devices and can be written on has merit since these are all things associated with coming home/leaving the house. Start with that and show us your problem solving skills!

I think you have to communicate why people would want to have something they can hang coats on, write notes on and charge phones. To me it seems you just thought of 3 design problem area’s and combined them all into one. If my coat is hung up, the written note is hard to notice/can’t be seen… What’s the point?

What ever happened to ZippyFlounder?

according to the in room rendering, it looks like the coat hangs away from the chalk board.

I think a message/charging center is a good idea. It has been tried many times, but there have not been many successful solutions.

This little DIY guy is one of the better one’s I’ve seen.

An interesting set of DIY solutions:

Oddly, it seem Pottery Barn has been focusing on this:

I know your project is more about a dear antler chalk board, but the charging thing is a real modern life problem. I’m surprised Muji doesn’t have something.

Ya, i’ve seen plenty of antler coatracks, so don’t see the innovation there.

As for the storage/chalkboard I’m not sure I really see the purpose. As has been mentioned the chalkboard near clothes doesn’t seem like that good an idea, and I’m not so sure about the phone charging thing. I for one, always have my phone on me while in the house, and if not it’s charged/synched when attached to the computer. While not everyone has a smartphone that syncs, I’d be willing to bet that most people have a preferred place to keep their phone while charging (ie. beside the bed at night) and having it at the door or buried under a coat might not be such a good idea. Not to mention having to put the rack near a plug and deal with cable management…

Anyhow, it’s always good to work on a self-initiated project. As has been mentioned perhaps trying to start from a problem and going from there might be a way to go…


I agree starting whit a problem is a better way to do a project (for one’s self or others).

I’ll give you the six steps of ‘process’ for this:

  1. lay down to take a nap

  2. get a mental images and think ‘that could be sweet’

  3. Sketching it out

  4. Go back to nap

  5. Forget about it for at least a month

  6. rediscover it, while unemployed and use it to sharpen up basic rhino skills

I can relate to that process. Usually I just get crazy stuff out of it (like an antler coat rack) but sometimes I get something good.

Maybe this would change the overall appeal of the whole thing, but you can solve the risk of damaging clothing and the inconvenience of not being able to see the messages by moving the hooks to the bottom of the rack, so that garments will hang below the board rather than in front of it.

I think it’s the start of good idea. People come home from work, empty their pockets, phone, loose change, keys, then go to hang up their coat. But making it charge phones and you can write on it, just seems to be getting a bit feature heavy.

Personally the antlers bug me, it’s done to death -

Needs simplifying I think.

I wish I could build a foam model of this, but alas no workshop here. I sort of want to whip one out for myself. Foam, cat hair, sand, paint; nothing too in depth.

Here are some super duper quick rhino models of the hanging elements on the bottom. I think it looks like an elephant so I put one in a very ‘grand room’ as ornamentation.

would seem that you’re definitely at the tail end of the antler trend

First of all, chalk doesn’t stain or damage cloth, its dust, and you brush it off. In fact seamstresses and tailors use chalk to mark cut lines.

The whole antler note center coat rack is cool, its like all the Fred stuff you see at urban outfitters, and is incidentally part of the reason I got into ID. I love the one liner products. Not everything people need to own has be minimalistically beautiful or ergonomically correct. This type of design stimulates minds and entertains.

However don’t take your one liner and try to convert it to a full fledged project where you go back through with a “process” and try to legitimize the concept as innovative. Let it be a cool coat rack and move on. These types of ideas should burn fast and brightly and then burn out, not flicker endlessly like a candle. Use it keep your sketching sharp, learn about some manufacturing process, maybe try to start a mini company making and selling it on etsy, and then when you are sick of it, stop and know you learned about a few things because of your sudden interest in a silly coat rack. (IMHO)

soooooooooooooo 2006, indeed.

like camo and bling :wink: !


Carton, I think you’re thinking about this more then I did. Fred stuff is cool. This would be a one-liner if someone drew a head of a dear on it, otherwise not really. (and I don’t think you read the process post).

RK, bling died in early third quarter 05.

Antlers as a trend have been out for a while, but it is one of thoughts things that is oddly timeless.

just saw this


and was reminded

I like the concept of a storage place/coat hanger/holder.
but not a fan of the deer design. maybe its just a matter of style.
Plus it makes me think of something someone like Sarah Palin would be delighted to have in her home.
Same with the idea, me likes it, cause many times if there are no tables close i end up leaving my phone on the floor. But i don’t like the thorns/spikes.
Makes me think of some sort of witchy fingers and nails.
And also in feng shui spiky things are best avoided in the home and pointed objects should not be aimed at you.
What if there is a baby or toddler in the house.

Again i like the concept.
I am sure as with anything some people will like the style.