Italian alternative to Corian

I am trying to get a product produced using a solid surface material and I am UK based. I have had varying results from using Corian and Himacs fabricators and saw a material called Crystalplant being used by a variety of high-end Italian companies like Boffi and Marcel Wanders. Crystalplant products are molded so it is much easier to make complicated shapes. But finding out who produced Crystalplant was a mission! Anyway, to cut a longer story short, I have just been to their factory in Italy (material and product manufacturing under one roof) and left more than impressed. The tooling costs seem very low and unit cost is good too, compared to the UK. I have yet to sign anything let alone see my finished product but I recommend anyone in europe making bathroom or furniture products to check them out. i will report back when finished!

I know this is an old post. Has anyone else used or know more about this company? I can see a value here.

I can help…my stuff is in production now

what do you want to know?

Hello Thanks for the reply! :smiley:

So if I had a sink complete with overflow and drain they could produce the product for me? What is the process a poured acrylic type material? Is it non-pourus?