It’s just running shoes

“It’s just running shoes” is what someone once said to me dismissing my work.

My reply -

It’s just running shoes.

But that doesn’t mean they aren’t important.

Running shoes probably won’t change the world. We can survive if we don’t have the fastest shoes and the latest tech. But running shoes are special.

Running shoes are the first “athletic” equipment that a kid gets. Running shoes enable a freedom of movement, and allow us to understand what our body is capable of.

Running shoes protect us from the ground and ground us to the Earth.

Running shoes can inspire and motivate us for competition. Ask any runner and they will tell you that there’s no feeling like unboxing a new pair of shoes and going for a run. No matter the shoe, you can race faster with new shoes.

Running shoes can transcend. Running shoes have the capability to connect culturally beyond sport. Running shoes can be both personal and social. What group we belong to, aspirational goals, style, and self-expression are just as important in running shoes as the foam, rubber and fabric.

I’m not a sneakerhead and I don’t care about hype. I love designing running shoes because everyone loves running shoes. All ages, all genders, all athletic abilities…everyone wants to know more and has an opinion about running shoes when I tell them I’m a footwear designer.

Running shoes are important.