It is just me..

or did Google’s image search just get crappy

They just got rid of searching for photos over a specific resolution… it’s now only big small medium large!?

Click advanced search under the search bar. It’s there.

I’m all for simplifying things… but really having that option on the main page is much more convenient… or am I the only one that searches for photos based on there size…

Google doesn’t make decisions like this hastily. There has to be statistical data suggesting that the number of people who use search by dimensions to be much smaller than those who don’t. Personally, I just use the large, medium, icon options. I think I used dimensions maybe once while I was looking for a wallpaper.

I always have to use it. There are several occasions that I need a high resolution image to be printed out for presentations. Nothing looks worse on a trend board than a 200x200 px image blown up to 8". I wish it were still there on the main page. That extra step is going to annoy me.

i still see the choices of size, not on the front page but once you see pictures it is right next to them.

what makes me wonder is, why they only show around 18-22 pages. it says it found like 300 000 000 but will only show 21 sites. is there a way to see the rest?


I’d say that it is definitely not just you that used the dimensions filter but, when it was there it did make choosing the correct size slightly more confusing for people who don’t care about pixel dimensions. It’s just another distraction for a regular user and makes the side bar filters appear less accessible “i don’t know what size I need so i’m not going to use these”. The small/medium/large thing is much simpler when it is on it’s own. Though it is going to make searching for mobile UI screenshots that little bit harder.

Ooh, also, here’s a handy hint that i’ve just found:

At the bottom of the filters on the left hand side there is a “show sizes” button. If you check this and then include the size of the image you want in the search term like this: ‘cars 1024x768’ most (if not all) of the returned images are of the correct size…might be handy

actually there is a proper way of doing the thing i found above: Find Images that Have a Certain Size

Try that, use this search term:
“imagesize:640x960 screenshot”

also its really handy, once you’ve entered the “imagesize:640x960” bit, it just keeps searching in those dimensions so you dont have to re-enter them

Well looks like they brought it back… Albeit slightly hidden.
Google still waiting on you to hire me :slight_smile: