Istituto Marangoni or DOMUS ?

Wich one do you think I should go for?

  • Design Director at MARANGONI in Milan?
  • Business Design at DOMUS ACADEMY?
  • Other? please post a comment!

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Hey, does anybody know something about the MARANGONI ISTITUTO in Milan? (The School of Fashion in Milano - istituto marangoni). They have a Master that I really like, but I would like to here something about this school, the master is DESIGN DIRECTOR and it sounds so good for what I`m looking for, first I wanted to go for a Product design Master, but I realised that if you want to have your own bussines well design director is kinda better, they are so different but I only have money for one master for now!! :confused:

At DOMUS ACADEMY I found the BUSINESS DESIGN Master, wich looks pretty good too, and cheaper than Marangoni!.. what do you recommend? PLEASE, I REALLY NEED SOME HELP HERE! and thanks for your comments!.

If you know some other master like those, and cheaper and maybe better please tell me where… or some product design master with direction or business managment emphasys…


If you are interested in Design Management in general, you might want to look into the master in Strategic Product Design offered by Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.

Hey Mrp… thanks for the info! it looks really good, the only thing is the language, I would have to learn it! but thats a good chance.

Thanks again.

hi i think business design at domus is really good , depends how you want to use this degree/experience.
i am joining the course this year.

The Strategic Product Design programme at Delft is taught in English…

hey, what about the master on design managment at pratt in NYC ??
it sounds really good.