Issuu style portfolio layout offline?

I was wondering if any of you knew how to create a Flip book portfolio layout much like the one used by Issuu but not have to host it online. I am putting my portfolio together and wanted to create a digital version using this style, but also want to be prepared when showing it as I do not know if I will have access to the internet. Can I do this through Issuu? Is there software out there that I can buy to create this? Everything I have found through a google search has been for web hosting. Thanks for the help.

Anyone?? There has got to be an easy way to do this. Can I do this in Adobe? I feel that I should know this. :confused:

Something like this maybe?

I guess just altering the pdf page transitions doesnt cut it ?


If you’re on a mac, Keynote has really a nice page flip transition (among many other kinds)
AFAIK acrobat doesn’t have a page flip transition (yet) though I’m a couple versions behind…

Yeah I wish I would be running a mac. I have a PC laptop. I saw online that I can do it through inDesign. I will have to check it out when I get home.

I got curious about this and seems like it’s mostly converting the PDF into SWF. If you know flash you should be able to do it yourself, if not then there are some programs you can buy, but are above $100-500 range. From there you can just run the Flash file locally to run it offline.

Just ran across this site, haven’t tested any programs so can’t recommend any. Some of these are sub-$100 programs at least with free demos.

Currently experimenting with InDesign page transitions. It works but:
-it doesn’t give you the left/right arrows so you have to flip it using the keyboard arrow keys. I’m assuming you can add the navigation buttons through extra steps/another program like creating a simple website page?
-I recommend to resize your SWF while exporting to your preferred resolution, if not you get a full screen (maybe at least reduce to 95%).
-it doesn’t give any zoom function like with the other paid softwares/Issuu.

So far as-is from the 10 minutes playnig around InDesign, page-flip function is basic but works. You want fancy navigations and zooming features, you’ll have to program it afterwrds through another program, or use just pay and use a converting program

I’m still just experimenting an no means know much about this, but here’s two sites at adobe that could help out (read the comments).


edit: I just watched the video, you can add all buttons w/in InDesign no problem! Zoom feature though I don’t think is possible. Great video for beginners and advanced users though.