Issuu Portfolio

This is a selection of projects taken from a portfolio I put together in January. I managed to get some freelance work from this, but then I entered full-time work independently. I’m now looking to move on from this job, and would appreciate some feedback on what I’m showing here.

The folio won’t be up too long - I just want some feedback before re-doing it.


If you are an employer browsing these boards, feel free to hire me solely on account of my witty prose. I’m willing to negotiate around somewhere in the 6 figure range.

Folio will be back once the rebuild is done.

I appreciate that everyone is busy, but any little comment will help. Thanks for taking viewing already, those 84 people.

In my humble opinion I think what you have shows a very good range of thinking. I cannot say that all the forms are thought out in each product. I do not think the picture of the pens on the opening page helps the portfolio as it is not engaging enough to make me go “Hmmm, this looks interesting”.

It is a “nice” portfolio; perhaps a little more action on the pages for your eye to follow would make it more interesting. I do think that it expresses competency and confidence though.

Here’s my take on your portoflio .

I would like to see a bit more emphasis on the solutions your projects came too. Everything project essentially reads the same. Money shot, and small details of sketches. It would be nice to see things like some user analysis, research, more ideation and things of that sort, I personally find that more telling than a a portfolio of mainly renderings.

Another thing you have 9 projects and they all show the same thing. Each project is an opportunity to show a new skill set. The arm grinder’s gives you the opportunity to show all the user research that you did and then showcase the improvements of your design. I know it says its under wraps, but that makes it a perfect reason to delve into the front side of the project and leave the design aspect a bit more in the background.

On your toy concept. It would be great to see the modular system a bit more. I can see a sweet portfolio piece/ potential advertisement with the project. Showing off how different kids can bring different personalities to the toy buy simple how they swap the pieces around. The cool thing about this project is the ability for the kid to make it their own. And visually that’s the last thing I read.

Just take this sort of mentality through the rest of your portfolio. What skill can each new project showcase. Prototyping. CAD, Rendering, Sketching, Research, etc. You dont need 9 projects that showcase the skill sets of CAD and rendering.

Also, one thing that also visually bugged me is on your project title pages. Sometime they create an awkward box on the bottom corner. The shape of the white space around the image just bugged me. Might not be an issues to others, but just thought I’d bring it up.

design61: thank you for your review. I appreciate your comments, and i agree wholeheartedly with your criticism! It’s not that interesting. I think a complete rebuild from the ground up will be a good idea.

Sain: thanks for your great response. good criticism is invaluable! I already knew that i had to use each project to showcase different skills, but hearing it from a stranger is great. I’m taking all your criticism onboard, and you can expect a re-do before long. I went through all the projects, and will cut down on the quantity and increase the quality.

I’ll leave this up for a few more days to see if anyone else has any input, then take it down before posting my revision.