@Issue Magazine, ever heard of it?

Has anyone ever heard of @Issue Magazine. I was going through some old stuff and found this magazine that I got at an IDSA Conf a couple of years back. It has some great corporate branding, retail design, and brand strategy articles. I would like to subscribe but can’t seem to find it on-line.

Yeah, I used to get that, they only publish like 4 times a year though. Its put out by the corporate design foundation (?)

They have some really great articles and seem to spot things way ahead of the magazine curve.


I remember seeing this really cool article on birkenstock a few years ago. I think that the subscription is free too.

Thanks I just subscribed to it. Will post articles that I have seen already.

It’s an awesome magazine.

But it’s not for designers–it’s targeted and freely sent to corporate executives, as a way to inspire investment in design. It’s basically a sales tool for our industry. Basically the same tactic IDSA takes with their BusinessWeek relationship.

True, but it doesn’t hurt to re-propagand-ize yourself from time to time. It’s also an advertisement for sappi paper, which is pretty amazing in itself.

I agree, but I still think there are some great reads in there. The articles that I read in the one off copy that I found in old pile of mags at home seemed to have some really interest stuff around the McDonald’s massive corporate redesign and also the design atmosphere of Oakley. I will try to find the articles online or maybe I will just scan them in and post them.

I second that @issue is a good read. Similar to innovations but more about branding, and with a healthy ID balance.

subscription is free, but make sure you answer the email registration confirmation they send once you sign up or the issues won’t arrive (found that out the hard way)