ISPO 2010 trade show

Sitting here at a hostel in Munich wondering if any other Core members are heading there, or exhibiting?
Or maybe you just have some hot scoops/insights of what me/we should check out!

(Made it an inspirational research trip for my final diploma thesis, as well as a major treat for my self since ive always wanted to go there…)

Sure hope its better than B&B Berlin.

haven’t gone in a few years, but my past experience was that ISPO was not nearly as good as BBB. More boring, more corporate, more closed booths, less parties, more old people…

let us know though how it goes and if you see anything interesting!

From what I recall Munich also had nothing much to see/check out. Certainly not as hip a place (or good for design) as Berlin.


I guess that not much has changed since you were there. Not much fun discussing the products with marketing/salespeople, gets tedious, and fast.

I cant say i didn’t enjoy going though, i love browsing all sports hardware, shoes, boots and what not.
What kind of did put me down a bit was the fact that the major brands aren’t really releasing anything interesting as far as innovations go. It seems to be a really graphics/colour driven market, and the winner seems to be the brands with the hottest pro at the moment.

What I also noticed was some lack of consistency. Styles were all over the place within the brands. For me it’s actually starting to get hard to tell the brands apart from each other, in terms of graphics & form language. (spent most time in the boards and ski-area)

Outdoors was very fascinating! Passing through the ‘Scandinavian village’, did make me a bit proud, when i saw brands like Haglöfs, Tenson and Klättermusen having really nice collections. POC and Sweet also keep attracting my attention with their solid and coherent designs.

Cant say that i found what i was looking for, which was smaller innovative die hard groups of people that actually push the boundaries. A lot of what was called “innovation” during the trade show was, to me, Overly complicated fusion’s of other existing sports, with a hefty price tag.

Best in show imo was the Spacejunk artshow. Brilliant artists, nicely displayed.
Im also insanely fascinated by the impact gel D3O. The Opportunities seem endless… Its a shame that their booth was a bit off in terms of exposure.

But man have I missed drinking Weissbier…