ISPO 07 Pics and trend info review

Anyone here attending ISPO or the Volvo SportsDesign Forum coming up start February in Munich?

Ill be hitting the Volvo SportsDesign Forum (the hummel 8.4 PIO boot was nominated :slight_smile: ) 3 Feb, then check out the fair 4-5 Feb.

if others are going I was thinking a mini Core Footwear Forum meetup might be nice over a beer/coffee at the fair or elsewhere in Munich.


i wish i was going, my boss and 2 senior designers at my firm will be there… i need to get back to europe asap

Going to ISPO.

where you coming from? what brand are you with?


I’ll be on the ISPO on 6th of febr . If there will be some get together meeting , I’ll be glad to participate ! Ole !

congrats on the nomination!




FYI, all,

pics and info from ISPO show now up (and more coming) on my blog,

Additional pics, trend reviews and info to come later this week.



Would you say overall ISPO was worth attending for footwear trends? I went to the Summer ISPO and it was dead. I haven’t been to the winter ISPO for a long time because I always felt it was more intersting for apparel and ski/snowboarding. Was there anything good to see for outdoor footwear?

Overall, ISPO isnt that great for footwear trends from my perspective. But I suppose it does depend on what industry your in. For ski/snowboard or outdoor boots, might be OK. Personally Im not into any of those categories so I didnt find it that useful. Also not much to see trend-wise in Munich.

The Winter ISPO is supposedly better and busier than the summer one. I havent been to the summer ISPO, but have likewise heard its dead.

As far a tradeshows go, I’d recommend Bread and Butter as the most relevant for footwear and sportstyle fashion trends. But I’ve never gone to some of the other big shows like MAGIC, POOL or WSA to compare.

GDS sucks though. Dont waste your time going there.

Personally, I find a good trip to London, NYC or HK better and more diverse for trend forcasting than any show, but depends on how you like to see things.



Thanks for that, very imformative, thats along the lines of what I thought. Unfortunately I will be going to GDS because of meeting up with some customers but yes agree it is a waste of time. I’ll stop in London on the way there to do some trend shopping and taking a couple of my designers with me. Am based in HK which is always good to do shopping in.