ISO Someone to do this work!

Looking for a firm or producer who can handle a small-run job in the immediate future. I’ve been focused in housewares for 10yrs+ so have few contacts in the toy/tradeshow industry-please email me ASAP if you might be interested in this work or can point me towards a contact!

we’re on about a 6 week timeline and need to produce 1,000-2,000 items. i’m usually producing 50K+ injection molded products overseas exclusively, so this is a small run to me but still requires a production facility.

as is usual in ID, i have 10 contacts now to make a whisk but know relatively little about the toy industry. My husband’s project is a 4-6" figurine of a bubbly-shaped creature, pretty simple to model and mold, so at least that’s straightforward. I need to work with someone who can handle in-molding an LED to make the creature glow, and who can offer pricing for translucent, semi-translucent, and solid(vinyl) options…and with or without the LED/chip/battery component. otherwise, we’re considering foam - as in self-skinning foam used for “stress balls.” this could work if material costs are too high for resins.

As you can see, we need to make some decisions and then crank this out. Please email me at: