ISO "Oyster" Powder-coat Desription

Hey Gang,
We’ve been getting metal & chipboard laminated parts forever that we’ve described as an “Oyster” color (This is the beige color of the fixtures at a Wal-Mart or a Kohl’s).

If I was to give an ISO technical description of the Oyster-colored gondola colored powder-coat to a new supplier, what would that be?

Does it come close to anything in your PMS book?

there’s some comparable color swatches but no matches in the PMS book. Even out in the market there are slight deviations but people still refer to it as “oyster” Powder coat. I’m on the trail of an answer from another source too. I’ll keep ya posted.

Is that because there’s metal flake in the color?

You can also have the color scanned with a colorimeter and then see what comes close using the pallets in Illustrator or Corel…

In the end, a color definition has as much to do with the production process as anything else: i.e., RGB for screen graphics, CMYK for 4-color printing, PMS for spot colors, or a formula of pigments…

It will be interesting to see what you find out.


If it’s powder coat, the Munsell system might give you a number…
(Munsell is paint, not ink based)