ISO business/management consultant for creative/design firms

I’m a small business and looking for some strategic advice to help develop a plan for the next version of my business/brand/career.

Some names so far:
David Baker -
Shel Perkins -

Would love to hear about others, especially recommendations.

Look for Micheal Gerber’s first book, the E-Myth.

Hah! I just ordered The E-Myth Revisited yesterday. (based on the Amazon reviews, that seemed like a good “fit”).


I’m still looking for a professional to help, mind you. Reading a book is one thing, but there comes a point when we need to bring in outside specialists, and for me, I think this may be one of those points!


what do you mean by “next version”? are you more towards upgrading or system planning ground up?

That’s (part of) the question, isn’t it?

indeed it is!