Is website & email enough contact info on a Biz. Card?

I am preparing to have business cards made soon, and I was wondering how much contact info I should put on them. Since I recently graduated, my whole life is on “temporary” status so it is likely I may move and change phone numbers in the near future. Therefore, I’m thinking of only putting my website URL and email address as contact info on the business cards. Is this appropriate or should I add the other info even if it may not be current soon? I do plan on keeping that info up to date on the website.

Get a cell phone. Put that number on the card. Cell phone and email are the crucial contact points

celly #

you can keep the same # with a major carrier until your contract is up. People like to be able to talk to you if they want, and you want to give them every opportunity to contact you.

If you could put a city and state on I think it would also help.