is UG NX3 the next big thing ?

hi everyone

I am product design student and have experimented rather juggled with SW, Ideas, Rhino, Alias , 3d max for a while , but havent mastered any of them . Recently i came across UG NX3 which did impressed me .

Before i make up my mind to learn any ONE of these throughly , i would like to know which one to go for which helps in going from concept to production level modeling in automobile design .

I would like to know how good is UG NX3, its limitation and advantages.


Unigraphics is excellent CAD software, probably the best in the world, it’s only real competitor is Catia V5+. It will take many thousands of hours to become competent as it is exceedingly inclusive and complex. Very crudely put, SW is UG-lite.

There is no one CAD software for “concept to production level modeling in automobile design” as you request.

For automobile styling, probably Alias is your best choice, but styling/rendering is all it’s good for. But maybe that’s what you mean by automobile design.?