Is this true?

Am i understanding correctly?

Solidworks and Pro/E is not very good at rendering, but it is better for manufacturing interface?

And Alias, Rhino, and Maya is better at rendering? So what happen is people can build model in Solidworks and transport to Alias to render?

Please help


this is a very big topic with many different answers.

what you wrote is a generalization, so it is not true all of the time, but for many product designers i’d say yes, alias/maya/rhino have better renderers and pro-e/solidworks are better for engineering an entire product including the working parts inside.

but alias is used to model complex shapes that go straight to tooling, and solidworks (photoworks) has been used to create some very good renderings, so your analysis is not always true.

I see. Thanks alot.

So which software? I am lean toward working model and better interface toward rapid prototyping MORE THAN rendering. I can live with less rendering capabilities given that it has better interface with rapid prototyping.

Well, this world is confusing. The company website all claims that their product is better than others… is there any resource where I can actually really compare from the fact?

Thanks Samweis.

You could get a package such as proE or SW and buy a basic renderer on top such as alias image studio

proE/Solidworks+ Maya might be a good option. Seriously if you are doing freelance, stick with one program like Alias, Solidworks or Rhino. Learn it like the back of your hand. These are work-horses that can pump out functional renderings- but most importantly they get-r-dun.

so far you have said you are

a) starting out
b) most interested in quick modeling for output via rapid prototyping
c) not requiring rendering right now

what you haven’t said is

do/will you have client(s) who use specific software? will you be expected to exchange native files with them?

do you want to model complex, fluid geomtry such as vehicle skins or simple shapes such as that of most furniture? will you need to model the interiors, with such items as bosses, ribs, screw threads, other engineered forms that have nothing to do with the aesthetics?

once you answer those questions i think you’ll have an easier choice.

as for the other comments here, i’ll say that learning pro-e or solidworks is hard enough, do not get maya for rendering unless you have some time to burn or want to do animation later. get imagestudio or rhino+flamingo for rendering because they are designed for designers, not animators.