Is this resourceful or just really creepy? (finding emails)

Let’s say you want to apply somewhere, and they direct you to submit a portfolio to But people always tell me that it is better to make contact with a real person, preferably a designer and not just administrative (in addition to the traditional channels).

You find someone who you want to engage directly, but their email address is not listed, nor is their phone. Would it be really creepy if you did a little internet snooping to find out their work email? Because in my experience, calling results in an %80 chance they’re ‘in a meeting’ or ‘out of office’, and a %50 chance that they won’t pick up when you DO get through.

unhypothetically speaking, of course.

good question…I am interested to know too. I think perhaps it would be better to email the HR, then call and request to speak to the person?

Sourcing employment contacts, via the Internet, isn’t anymore “creepy” than using a printed directory, or any other source of information. Which is to say it isn’t creepy at all. What’s creepy about it?

Now, if you were lurking around the guys house, waiting to go through his garbage to find his monthly statements, or trying to hack into a system to find it, I’d find that creepy.

And if you do succeed in sourcing this “unobtainable” information, and can share your technique with others, I think you might just have a viable Internet business on your hands. :wink:

Haha. It was pretty easy. I knew the contact’s first and last name. I knew the company’s email domain. I google searched for email verifiers, and started trying standard formats that companies assign their employees-


Luckily, the contact I was seeking had an uncommon name, so when it came up as valid, I knew it was him.

yo, I was looking for an image of a Finnish built Valmet Lion Champion; .22 cal. Olympic “3-position” target rifle (Standing, Prone, Kneeling). The Lion was the direct ancestor of every “ergonomic” rifle built to today.

This is the only image I found. The Finnish Lion Small-bore target Rifle

The inverted “Y” is the palm rest for off-hand shooting (standing position); it could be moved fore and aft in a channel to allow for proper position (preferably with your elbow locked against the your ribs). The palm rest was removed, and the hooked buttplate replaced with an adjustable buttplate for use in the prone position.

Here’s the unexpected bit; Victor Papanek introduced me to his Lion in 1969.

What the hell did I just read.


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