Is this legal?

Hi everyone, i was looking at Dave White paintings and Bobby Fresh T-shirts today. They use Air Jordans for their designs and i was wondering if it was legal since they are selling it and they are becoming popular?
I’m sure some of you already seen that but for those who didn’t here are some pics.

Karabo that is a good question. I’m going to have to ask my Industrial Design law teacher about this. I want to say yes it is a illegal if he is selling these commercially, but if he just made of those shirts/paintings then sold just one then I think he is allowed to do that under law. I should know this for sure, but Thanksgiving has impaired all thinking for me from now until after New Years. LOL.

i am thinking that technically, no copyright is being broken in either case? neither is using the actual branding of nike to sell their wares, i am not sure if the extent to which a product is able to be reproduced…i think dave white has some kind of “understanding” with the folks at the swoosh…though i am sure a justifiable case could probably be brought against both

Dave uses swooshes, but he does have an “understanding”… I’ve met him a couple of times and had a few beers with him, good dude.