IS this Fee OK?

Hi I am quoting $30K for a audio speaker casing styling design job.

I have been working a corporate job so haven’t kept up with contracting outside gigs.

Is that OK you think? I have 10+ years experience.

good luck.

would be o.k. if the client would pay that amount
I doubt it.

what steps does this fee include?
prototypes ? foam? cam?

tooling data ?

where are You located?

You’re killing me! 10 years of experience and you don’t have a clue about fees? There are more reliable sources for pricing (some of them online) than asking a bunch of students on this board. Please.

I got the project! $30K for a speaker casing styling design.

Phase 1 is Orientation + Research
Competitive product review and review of client components, understanding of the product and its usage, etc.

Phase 2 Concepts
Ideation sketching leading to 3 promised concepts in the form of explanatory sketches and Rhino 3D/Flamingo ortho and perspective renderings of the 3 concepts. Client chooses 1 of the 3 for refinement

Phase 3 Implementation
3D CAID in Rhino 3D Surfaces
2D Orthos and 3D perspective Flamingo renderings.
Color, Texture, Logo Art Specs.

No ME, that’s seperate.

I’m in the SF Bay area in California.

How many man hours did you quote for the work? $30k equals 300hrs @ $100/hour which might be on the light side considering you are in SF. What type of contingency did you build into your proposal so you don’t end up spending additional time on the project?

That’s good to go.
Keep them happy and try to get the mechanical engineering part and on a product like this, it should be easy.
If you get the next phase to tooling data you could just get 2 jobs like this and be done and do a lot more hobby time.

The contingency is that extra work or changes will be charged seperately given a written estimate. If it goes over time and budget we bill at a lower rate so as to let the client see that we wouldn’t want to be at a lower rate for long. That is an incentive for us to keep moving the project along in a timely manner.

models and protos were quoted as TBD since the design has not been finalized yet…they were not included in the $30K. I think that is reasonable since when you divide the $30K by the number of units (300K units to 100,000 later) the design fees now seems cheap to them as they will own full rights.

30K sounds doable if you can work closely with the acoustic engineers. There is a relationship between the drivers, the amp, and the enclosure size. You will go through iterations in order to get the volume right.

Maybe a Phase 1.5 gate where breadboard boxes (by the client) are made to prove out the volume wouldn’t be a bad idea.

If they already have the volumes figured out then I’m redundant and you are good to go.