Is there anybody out there (eindhoven design academy)?

Whats going on there now?
I would like to know cause I`m still waitin for my visa to run out there!
some news?



hi. i’ve postponed my admission till next september. because of visa and national service.

why not postpone it too rather than keep worrying about the visa? =)

Hi there singapore!

sorry but I did it…last year…so now I`m fucked

I hope you will get your visa without problems because the inmigration procedure system suck`s like…you know.

so I`m still waiting for my destiny…(this sounds such a prophetic…jeje)

txs and good luck


Umea design institute, Sweden is the worst choice!!!
You will know that when you are there!!!

Why are you spamming this?

thats kind of bad. where are you from?

maybe if you have issues, go talk straight to the school. heh.

is a fussion of Toledo and Otaegui mine surnames. toledo is from Toledo City in Spain and Otaegui is a Basque Surname.
Im from Chile if you wanna know.

good Luck

Ps: and yes Umea is a great school but they only admitt 12 students per year and in Sweden you have to speak Swedish…that`s why I choose Holland.


have you tried asking the school to help out with the visa?
i think they’re doing that for non-EU masters students. but since yours is a special case, maybe theyll help out. worth trying i think.

Is for Bachelor not master course…but I`m doing my best.



hi toledotaegui
is your name Manuel?
because I am in the first year in Design Academy now
and there’s a Manuel on the list of my class who never showed up since the beginning of the semester
so I was just wondering when I saw this post…
did it work out with your VISA?
maybe it’s already a bit too late…
but if u need any info u can ask me :slight_smile:


Hey Jamestt, yes this is me, but Im still waiting for a resolution from IND....and its true…its a little bit late but I`m pushing them on all the time.

thanks for your interest and worry.
I hope to see you there soon as possible.

ahhh by the way…
what about the design briefs…interesting, cool or boring? :open_mouth:

let me now please.


the dutch government is incredibly inefficient!!
getting MVV is just the beginning…
u will find out about the rest after u actually get here…

but the school is really cool
we did a lot of interesting things in the school
but also with a lot of pressure cuz there’re always so many homeworks to do and u could end up redoing the whole semester or be kicked out of the school if u don’t pass too many things…
the study year is divided into 4 quarters
we just finished our first quarter 2 weeks ago
so it might be a bit tough for u to catch up with everyone else if u arrive later…
but I really hope u can come here and join us too
people in our class are all very nice and it would be a lot of fun if u could come
good luck with ur visa and hope to see u soon in Eindhoven :wink: