Is there any other site than Coroflot?

Is there any other job searching sites(for Industrial Designers) than Coroflot? Not the ones like… please help~!!!
and is Internet the only way to look for jobs? what other ways to find out the job listings??

And monster, hotjobs, careerbuilder, etc usually have a few, but your best bet is to target some companies you want to work for and go after them, whether they seem to be hiring or not.

Talk to other designers you know as well, the design-vine is your best source for job leads.

A LOT of companies won’t post online because of the HUGE response they get. It’s a lot of work to go through 1000’s of portfolios from random designers all over the world, which is what tend to happen when you post a job on

none that matter besides maybe idsa ------

pick your city and field

There’s freelance as well as full-time jobs posted on the freelance forum regularly,

If youre into fashion/footwear/accessories, then try

Is that you UFO? LOL …

The Core list is great, but there are several other choices for finding ID jobs. To start, visit IDSA’s site at You’ll find the employment listing does overlap with Core, but not entirely. Plus, there’s the list of IDSA members–finding a job is all about networking, right? You have to join to get the list, but joining is really affordable if you’re a recent graduate and practically free if you’re a student.

Then there are the portfolio reviews IDSA holds at each of its April district conferences and the national conference this coming August. It’s one of the ways to build your community and suck the real juice out of these events. ID is a tight field. Know one person and you know their five friends, and then you know their five friends, etc. But you have to get to that first group and it really helps to do it face to face at an event.

When you are looking for a job, it’s sometimes all about making a job out of looking for a job. That means a 35-40 hour work week. That means calling everyone in any list of industrial designers, introducing yourself, seeing if they know about any opportunities, would be willing to look over your material and give suggestions, etc. I know of a senior manager of design who recently lost his job. He spent a year calling everyone in the IDSA Directory, whether he knew them or not. He had 3200 designers looking for a job for him! Yes, he found a job. He had also developed a network over time by volunteering and thus had many friends cheering for him. That helped keep his spirits up.

Read the book, “Getting an ID Job,” by RitaSuie Siegel. It amazes me how many people don’t bother. It’s on the site and it’s really useful and free.

A quit tip for students just graduating: join IDSA as an Individual Student Member for $50 and you get the online access to our membership directory, the quarterly journal and the newsletter and designBytes, which otherwise would cost you $100+. Just an insider tip. You also get student rates to the events.

Bottom line: there are lots of systems but none is more important than networking in the case of industrial design, and that means getting yourself out there. Hope this helps and best of luck! is a job-site aggregator - you can search multiple sites at once, and it has an RSS feed for any keyword you like and you can just see jobs as they come in.