Is there any other portfolio site like coroflot?

Hello I just want to know is there any other portfolio site like coroflot? that offers free online resume.

cheers and mabuhay!


Just about every job site offers free resume:

… the list is endless.

If you are a member of AIGA you can post for free… its run by core

The creative hot list lets you put up work and resume but you have to pay. This is run by Communication Arts magazine.

Aquent/Rita Sue Siegel will let you post work and resume (sans contact information) if you register with them.

For most sites you indirectly have to pay except for this one; .
Somebody also told me to check but I don’t really get it. :confused: -more illustration/graphics - more fashion/footwear

both free (styleportfolios is, and i think is too) and similar in scope to coroflot


also check out

new site, interesting tools