I just moved to London from Denmark where I have been working with industrial design. I will be trying to find a job very soon, but here things seem to be a bit different then Denmark … people tell me that it is common to use design agencies. What are god design agencies for industrial design, or is that the wrong way of doing it in London?

Thanks in advance

Eschel Jacobsen

I would try and avoid agencies to find you work in the UK. Indeed many vacancy advertisers state “no agencies” when advertsing for positions.

Saying that, Adrem are the most publicised, but I’ve heard stories of them having very little in the way of actual positions to fill!

Read Design Week, published every Thursday. This is the industry standard place to advertise, they also have a website.

Also look in the Yellow Pages under “Product Designers”. Do a little research, have a .pdf portfolio ready to send, and call them!

Thanks … god to hear … I will do some more research and check out your recommendations.

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on this site you can search for design consultants by skill and region, find contact details websites etc.

could well be a good place to kick off at


New design Magazine also features this agency:

Is there also a site listing internships/placements? Meanwhile I’ll contact the London schools, and I’ll check
Secondly; so far I only found drawing classes at Central Saint Martins, is there more?
And finally; where to search for cheap accommodation? Barcelona has, I suppose London has something similar?

Thanks in advance,

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