Is there an Industrial Design Magazine?

I am curious because I got a trial subscription to ID magazine and after flipping through the first 2 issues, I see nothing but artsy stuff and very little product design. I assumed because of the name (ID), that it meant “industrial design”, but it turns out it means “international design”. So anyone know of a good design magazine to subscribe to that features a lot of industrial design? Interestingly enough, a lot of ID consultencies/agencies advertise in there. Is it just me but I feel that magazine is not ID related.

Thanks guys.

By the way, since furniture and housewares interest me a lot, I subscribed to Dwell and Metropolitan Home (sounds cheesy, but they do have a lot of design manufacturers that advertise in there too) and even though those magazines probably cater more to interior designers, I can get ideas for my own school work/projects, etc for products/housewares/accessories, etc.

I canceled my subscription to ID magazine a couple months ago. Not enough ID in ID.

I’ve had it with ID magazine as well. There just isn’t enough content in it. Are there any European, Australian, or Asian magazines that cater to product design?

In the UK there is New Design… nice magazine, good product shots etc, but stupidly expensive… I think in most places it’s about £10. It’s the only UK dedicated product design magazine.

Icon is another one, pretty good but overloaded with advertisements. Also it tends to pack too much furniture stuff in there. The same editors have launched another magazine called Office which is about… office furniture.

Blueprint dabbles in ID when it feels like it.

In Germany there is MD magazine which is pretty sweet.

Today I got a glimpse of a magazine called Monitor… which deals in all areas of design; product, architecture, branding… has anyone ever seen it?

The design magazine I’ve enjoyed the most over the past 5 years or so is STEP inside design. I hope that doesn’t make me a closet graphic designer wanker, but if memory serves it still had more product design in it than the typical sans-ID magazine…


Georgeous, (by the way, love your name, very creative, lol), I have heard of ICON magazine before and even found their website, but when i went to the “subscribe” area, it seems that only UK residents can subscribe it seems? Am I wrong? Where can I get this magazine in the states?

And yes, it seems like my kind of magazine, as it offers architecture and design and furniture, which is right up my alley.


ID mag blows and its expensive…

I think Wired would be a good mag to have on hand. They always have thought-provoking content…

I found Curve a couple of years ago at my local news stand in California; a gentleman had requested the dealer get it for him, and “purchased” four extra copies (to be given to whomever found them interesting).

I did … . . and still do.

International subscription: $142 AUD ($117.68 US)
International student rate (student ID required): $100 AUD ($82.87 US)

ICON is good for all round design, but can get a little arty at times. I does have some great articles from to time to time through. New Design is also very good, I don’t think their subscription is that expensive. Design week does mainly packaging/graphic but touches on ID now and again.

oooh and I like the bi-monthly german mag Form…v nice

Thanks, I worked hard on my name.

To be honest, I’m not sure about the subscription for Icon… but if you contact ‘Universal News and Cafe’ on Eight Avenue in NY, they might have it. They stock about 7,000 magazine titles… and if they have it you could always see if they could set up some sort of subscription from them…?

Give that a try.

if you’re a really high roller, AXIS magazine can have some interesting ID content.

I don’t get ID:

The major advertisers are Industrial-Design focused.
Hardly any of the magazine is Industrial-Design focused.

I wonder when the advertisers will figure this out?

“International Modern Crafts” is a better title.

Metropolis magazine is a hidden resource for ID; and for $30US for a two year subscription, ya can’t go wrong.

Here in Japan, there’s Product Design World, a seasonal magazine.
Car Styling, in both english and japanese, bi-monthly.

LMO, thanks for that referral to Metropolis. I checked them out and even though they are an interdisciplinary magazine, as they have all aspects of design in there, they do cover product design a lot on their website and I assume they do it in their magazine too. I think I will subscribe to it, as you are right. It’s really cheap! Compared to ID magazine, they have at least more design than art.

I agree with the above post, that I wonder why ID consultencies advertise in ID magazine, if that magazine hardly has any product design in there. I have only flipped through 2 issues so far, but that was my impression.

I have never really liked ID… like most said already, too artsy not enough product.

I’m yet to find a “real” product magazine, but I think I find my fill by spreading it around. I get PC magazine, Pop Science, been a Wired fan for nearly 7 years, Dwell, and Metropolis. Metropolis used to be more product filled (like 2 years ago or so), and is now mostly Architectural- but there’s enough to keep me around. Every once in a while I’ll pick some one of those hand-held mags or of the liking. Sole Mag is good for footwear, and Kicks.

I know it sounds like a lot of different things, but I don’t think I pay more than $50 a year for all of it- and it nearly covers all the premier ID fields (except auto- the best ones are overseas and $$$).

Azure is really good, although it’s definitely interiors and architecture centric. They have a designer profile every month, and a pretty good materials resource section. It’s kind of like old Dwell (without all the current fluff) rolled together with Metropolis (without all the city planning and architecture wankery). It’s Canadian, so a bit hard to find here, but subscriptions are pretty cheap, about $30 I think.

Wired is the only magazine of the many I get that I consistently pick up and read cover to cover the day it arrives.

How about:

Pol Oxygen


DAM (Design Architecture and Art Magazine)

not an ID mag but i like FRAME that the office gets…

i don’t order any ID mags. Mainly because I don’t see much value enough to buy one.