Is there a need for a design tool portal?

Hi all.

We are working on a new (industrial design) portal that gives an overview of tools that are used on a day to day basis. The portal should enable designers over the world to exchange their methods and tools. We want to build the possibility to upload articles and files to further expand the site and create a community.

My question is; do you have a need for such a portal, or do you already use such a portal?

Although we the development is still premature, your input is most welcome. I hope you could give us some feedback about the initial setup / design. And please let us know what you would like to see there!

The initial site can be found on:

I think there are already forums and so on that we all check on a regular basis, and rely on for support if we need it; obviously Core77 is the fundamental resource for most designers who want to gain from other people’s knowledge and experience. Then you of course have designboom and product design forums.

In my opinion, and a few people on Core have expressed this, there is a need for a site aimed at product designers (industrial designers, whatever) that is great for manufacturing information. And the need for this is obvious due to the recent release of the ‘Manufacturing Processes for Design Professionals’ book, concentrating on Design professionals, and not engineers.

So my answer is, yes there is a need for such a portal but only if it contributes and exists alongside the existing resources and fills the ‘gaps’ that they don’t cover (which in my opinion, and only an opinion, is usually manufacturing information).

I look forward to seeing how you develop it though, could be interesting.