Is there a better 'exit'?


This single word seems to be at the end of every human/machine interface.

I exit out of my TV control panel menu.
I exit out of my phone menu.
I exit out of tons of computer applications.
I exit out of bank ATMs

Is this the best word for interacting with a GUI, touchpanel, or software?

Does anyone have a better universal logo that could take the place of the text word exit?

This is brought up because of my current need to design factory floor fixtures and assembling jigs. 13 different nationalities are represented on the factory my floor. Just when I think I have created a simple process or way to interact without too many steps, I stub my toe on the simplest design issue.

cool stuff…

Both mean ‘exit’

more info. see ‘quick links’ on lefthand column > ‘Word Index’

EXIT (not part of symbol)

more understandable to me … ‘western’ guy that I am.