Is the tuition reasonable?!

Hey all,

I already mentioned this thought in the AAU/Germany thread but I think this question deserves its own thread.

Is the amount of money that American Design Schools ask for the education reasonable?
Especially considering that most institutions in Europe are free or charge a low fee?

I understand that most people on the board are American/ American trained, so this should be interesting…

Not at all, but it’s not like you can change that. I’m paying around 45k+ a year.

That’s why I’m in Canada, even though I pay international tuition here (2.5x the local costs), I still pay about 1/3 the costs compared to US schools.

Let’s say $40k/year x 4 = $160,000!! Not including costs of living while in school. I know education is important, but …

One cool new thing I hear is that there’s a new thing coming out by Obama admin that tuition debt will be repaid at a sliding scale on how much you make and how big your family is. So if you make under XXX and have kids you may not have to pay anything for the monthly repayments, or if you make XXX amount you could only pay 70% of the monthly. And after 20 years all educational debts will be cleared. This all includes past, present, and future debts. Anybody know any more info on this, when, etc?

I hope you are correct with this ><. I really want to study and not be in debt for the rest of my life!!

Well actually I would argue that schools in Europe aren’t free. Your parents indirectly pay for schools by paying higher income taxes. Which I would concede is a better system… But remember that income is usually a little higher in the U.S and taxes much lower, which help to pay back school loans.

“your parents”?!?
there are not just trust fund babies on these boards, Somewhere.

I am 28 years old, I have paid quite some income tax in my country (Sweden) already.

ok, now I am off, enjoying my “free” health care!
You gotta love socialism.

Uk universities and colleges are not free. Granted the fees paid are no way near american standards I paid around £12-13k which i guess would equate to $24k and thats not including the interest I get charged on it each year. Think that figure has increased for new studets with introduction of top up fees.

Personally i think £12-13k is reasonable, some of the US tuition fees are astronomical and no I don’t think they’re worth that much.

Don’t take this the wrong way, but how do you do it? Finding a job when you’re out is a long shot, no matter how talented you are. I couldn’t take that kind of plunge. There are surgeons who pay less tuition, and they save lives. We make objects more pleasant.

My tuition is like around 25,000$ a year for the school I attend. I am in a 3 year bachelor of science in graphic arts degree program, online only. So far I love it. I qualified for the Pell Grant and that covered 60,000$ of my total tuition, and I stafford loaned the rest. My college also gave me a Macbook unibody 2ghz w/ 2 gigs of ddr3 as well as Adobe Creative Suite CS4. In the end I will only have to pay back the Stafford part, but at least I got 2 grand in software + a 1,000$ mac to go with it.