Is the ICFF worth visiting for students?

I will be in New York around the 21st of May. I was just wondering if the ICFF is worth the $60+ dollars to attend as a student?

ICFF’s public day only lasts from 10am to 4pm, how much would one be able to see in that time frame?

If you’re into furniture, then yes it’s worth attending.

You may also be able to get free admission, I know I somehow managed to weasel my way in as a student by making up a fake company - you may still be able to pull that off.

6 hours is plenty, usually after 3-4 hours of walking around the Javitz center you’re exhausted and want to leave anyways.

yeah, one afternoon is enough. It’s not a very big show.

It can definitely be inspirational if you are into furniture design, or are interested in emerging aesthetics in general. But do not expect to “gain” anything from it; no booth staff will be interested in you as a student, in fact you may find them downright frosty.

Also, as with many conferences, the real good stuff is usually at non-ICFF satellite events.

Thank you for the advice. I do not see myself doing furniture design in the future but I am very inspired by furniture design details and joinery.

I guess I should check out the other events during NY Design Week too. Unfortunately I will only be in NY on the last day of the design week. Is anyone going to be there? Any good recommendations for design-related events?

I have been both visitor and exhibitor.
I’d say, the quality has decreased over the years at the Javits Center and to be quite honest, I’d skip it if you can’t get in for free or a dramatically reduced price.

Really, the most inspiring firms have showrooms and decide to host exhibitions and present new products there instead of the impersonal and disjointed fair hall. You will find most of them in SoHo and the Meatpacking District. That will take you at least a day.

Going during cocktail hour in the evening is always fun but considering that you will be there during the last day, there might not be much going on. The exhibits around town will still be up though.

Apparently students get to visit ICFF for free. I emailed them and they will mail me a sticker for the conference.

I’ll be there on May 21st by myself. I’ll be happy to meet anyone who’s in the area.