is the economy looking up?

e for economy

  • yes…its a steady stream of job opps and clients
  • clients and job opps are trickling in…maybe next quarter…
  • no way!

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been hearing a little bit more recently about job opps…though i am in the EGD field…

do you guys feel its looking up?

On a micro level, I have more potential jobs on my plate now than I did 6 months ago, but this may be due more to my own better job searching (Let the fool persist in his follies so that he may become wise).

On a macro level, I think the US economy has successfully backed itself into a corner. The low interest rates have increased liquidity to near its maximum, but it seems that investors and holding their capital in the safest bets. The Econmist reported that Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has now placed more of its money into government securities than ever. Those securities have “pathetically low interest”, but Mr. Buffett feels there are few good investments to be made.

I think this illustrates the current job-less recovery. People are afraid to invest in corporations or in people. The tax-cuts won’t help either…investors already have the money, that’s not their problem. What needs to be done is greater government spending to stimulate corporate re-investment and job-training for the future.

Overall, I am not hopeful for the near future. The current North American problems (yes, this does effect Canada and Mexico) will not be resolved by current governments, only the eventual turn around of the market cycle itself.

I’ve got to contradict you my friend. It’s been pretty positive for our firm for the last six months. Looking at it on the ground here in the U.S. it seems like more companies seem to be getting new funding for development and showing interest in doing in-depth design projects.

FYI, Mr-914: RC51 in tha house. :slight_smile:

I have been wrong before. One of my better job opportunities was just turned down today. The company currently does not have a designer on staff, but they said they were not going to have the product growth they were hoping for this year. Therefore, they would not need an IDer in house.

Perhaps this is regional?

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I hold a similar view as Mr.914: I’ve seen an upswing of job opportunities at my firm, however this could merely be due to the fact that we’re into our 3rd year, rumored to be the turning point (or breaking point) for a new company. Overall corporate expenditures on design/new products are growing- however things are still very tentative. I think there is a jubilance of sorts in regards to the economy’s current position, however long term I’ve run into the opinion (and hold it myself) that we could be in for another nose dive which will slow things down. In other words, people are still very cautious/pessimistic about the future. I’m hopeful that if the economy does tank again, it won’t be quite as severe and is more of a dip in the return to goodtimes™ of some sort.