Is the Eames Lounge and Ottoman really that great

love the eames lounge (comfort and look), but the real eames chaise is this-

another great one (new but with some retro eames look) is this-

almost bought one when i was living in denmark (the designer was a student from a local design school who had it produced through a danish furniture company)-

Sting Ray, by Thomas Pederson for Fredricia

wish i had space in my loft for any of these…


you have to consider the science of ergonomics was in it’s infancy when the eames lounge was produced. when it became an icon, you have to decide if it’s really worth it to update the look and proportion to accomodate.

i have the plywood lounge and the aluminum group lounge (soft pad), both eames designs. i bought them when i worked for herman miller.

i’m 6’ tall and 240# (i’m a big dumb white guy from the upper mid-west). the eames aluminum group lounge is more comfortable to me than the plywood lounge. the leather is softer, it tilts, and the headrest is higher. it was also designed 10-15 years after the plywood lounge. i keep them both in my living room, both have the ottomans. the eames lounge is cherry veneer with black leather, the aluminum group is black leather, polished aluminum frame and arms. people are drawn to the eames lounge when they walk in. it’s usually the first place a visitor sits. they walk past the tuxedo leather sofa and the aluminum group lounge and sit in that iconic chair first.

if you want the killer deal on those furniture pieces, you need to work for the company. when i was working there the rate there was 1/3 list. i ordered the eames lounge in '99 for a little over $1k. the soft pad aluminum group was $800 new for me by a circumstance of error.

to me, you order furinture like that and you keep it forever. it’s built extremely well.

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Best deal I’ve ever seen on an “Eames lounge chair” was a “vintage” knock off a friend bought from a local antique store for $300 including the ottoman. He tore it apart, refinished the ply shell, and recovered the cushions with better leather. He said it was more comfortable than the authentic chairs, being slightly different in scale. Unless you had it next to the real deal, there was little to suggest it wasn’t authentic.

I think of it as much as art as furniture.