Is Solidworks 2004 compatible with Windows Vista?

Is Solidworks 2004 compatible with Windows Vista? I guessing the answer is no but I have the opportunity to get a lagit copy and I wondering if the whole thing is a big tease.

nope, and 2004 sort of sucks, but that is just me, I don’t like anything prior to 2007. I have 2006 (and 7) and six is a pain. It is personal preference though.

Partition and add xp.

I figured that was probably the case. Thanks for the help.

Is the 2004 version completely worthless, or does it have some redeeming qualities. I currently am a product designer that does all my product renderings in 2D and I’m looking to try and learn Solidworks somehow. Do you think it is a good enough platform to learn on?

MMMMMMMMmmmmmm…It won’t hurt, but If you just want to learn go to the solidworks site and get in contact to a certified reseller and have them mail you a ‘personal edition’ it is a limited time trial. The personal edition will not let you open the files on other computers. but you can save and stuff as much as you like.

I have flawlessly installed Office 2003 in Vista, so I think SW2004 should work too. You simply need to give the Solidworks setup the proper permissions in the UAC, or run the setup in proper administrator mode (right-click on the file → Run As… → Administrator (w/ password)