Is Samsung a good place to work?

ANyone know anything about Samsung’s design group in the USA? Is it a cool place to work?

I can’t tell you exactly how it is there.
But I can imagine it’s good place to experience and to learn.
It won’t be fun place to work though. :frowning:

its sweet.
just don’t work at LG (mini wannabe samsung).

What the hell are you taking about?!

I suppose you haven’t seen what LG has done to most of the Japanese home electric appliance competitors in Asia huh?

good place to learn if your interested in your design coming into production.

great potentential, good ppl, no complaints… if your really good, you will be noticed.

a friend of mine is a chip designer and used to work for samsung electronics as an electrical engineer before he joined another company in the silicon valley specializing only in chip design. he runs their entire chip design operation which includes doing engineering concept designs for companies like amd, intel, ati, nvidia, you name it. he said samsung is a good company for engineering and he’ll give me a recommendation letter if i wanted to work there as a designer although he has not seen their design operation upclose and has no idea how that dept compares to his former engineering dept when he was working there.

well, right now i’m in iran and one thing is certain here: LG electronics, sony, panasonic, and nokia are the biggest samsung competitors while in US it might be different. so if you apply think about who they’re competing with and that should give you an idea of what their design dept will be like.