Is RCA worth the money

hi all,

I was calculating the costs of studying Industrial Desgn at RCA, London as an international Student, It’s quite expensive. Can anyone provide some guidance about the specialty of this institute and if it’s worth spending almost twice as much money as compared to many institutes in Europe.


Nitin Gupta

Its expensive because its in london probably, the cost of living over here in the UK is astronomical at the moment

That’s probably a good thing as RCA is a postgraduate college, i.e. they don’t have any undergraduate courses.

Lmao yes good point forgot about that, argh been a long day!

They don’t do undergraduate courses, Also its work is pretty astounding and pretty much all over the internet, if your serious about applying for this academic year, good luck.

The RCA is the same as any post Grad course in that it gives you 2 years more time to develop your own personal style and approach and work on personal projects of interest. You can do this at any Post Grad College and with enough talent and some good guidance the MA outcome will be very similar. What the RCA gives you over other courses is the contacts, its the best institution (probably in europe/world) for putting you in contact with the best names etc - you get to work alongside some of the best designers in the world and because of its status, you then get brilliant media coverage/publicity - just having its name on your CV will really open doors.

That said, when its designers do graduate, they still have to get jobs and despite its brilliant teaching, there is no substitute for actual work, with real clients with tight time scales and shrinking budgets, where the object you design has to be toolable, has to hit a certain manufacturing price etc etc. So if you don’t get in, fear not. You may be more experienced two years down the line than those leaving the RCA, it’s just you might not have the links those people have had and might have to work a bit harder to get them. Every year thousands of students apply, thinking its the ‘Be all and end all’ which it isn’t. I’ve worked with both RCA and Non RCA graduates and there’s no difference (they were both great at the job), there’s no right or wrong path, its just down to the individual.