Is Product Design@CMU a good place to learn UX? (Admitted)

Hello everyone, I am an international student. I was accepted by Master of Integrated Innovation for Product and Service (formerly known as Product Design) recently, and I’d like know:

1. How is the program? Reputation, rate of employment after graduation…

2. Does this program cover more industry design than UX/UI? I prefer UX/UI, and that’s why I also applied for Human-computer Interaction at CMU. But I only got admission from MII-PS… so I’m wondering if I can receive enough UX/UI training in MII-PS.

Thanks for your help!!!

Cant specially say anything about the program. But I know people who graduated from CMU that are now doing UX at Pintrest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Apple, Microsoft, and a ton of consultancies. So there is at least a good industry connection to companies. All these are junior designers who graduated I’m guessing in the same year or two.

I also am an international student who just got admitted into CMU’s MII-PS. I also want to know how the program is in term of reputation and employment rate. Also, according to what I gathered from the 2013-2014 course descriptions, I think the program might be focusing more on the industrial design than UX/UI.

This is the link to the course description:

I actually quite interested in the courses that the program offer, but I’m also worry about how it’s gonna be like.

Have you decided to go or not? Here’s my email. Feel free to drop me a line.