is Pen is mightier than the mouse?!

hello all

i havnt tried using a pen tablet but wondering
if this is a neccessity in designing?
drawing, sketching or tracing…

please advice…

Pens are cool… but they take ages to learn how to use. Just use whatever feels comfortable w/ you. Alternatively use pen and paper and scan it in…

I don’t think it’s a necessity at all. It all depends what you are designing – If you are working in a program like Photoshop predominantly then it can be a really good tool to use. Personally I find the real advantage of using a Pen Tablet with Photoshop is the speed. You can create the same results without a pen, just that it may take longer. Pen and tablet is good for airbrushing; it gives you a fluidity that is difficult to get with a mouse.

I agree with barefootcreative, pens can be cool but they do take a bit of getting used to. At the end of the day a pen tablet is a tool and can only ever be as good as your ability. I would definitely recommend trying one out but don’t feel it’s something you have to have to be a designer.

A tablet is a great tool…they’re pricey, but if you factor in their extremely long lifespan, it’s a good investment.

There are lots of things that the tablet is great for, even if you aren’t sketching with it. Just retouching a scan is much faster and easier with the pen. For example if you scan something in and theres little marks all over the place, the pen lets you get to them quickly, and since it’s pressure sensitive, if you need to get into a tight area you can use less/more pressure to get the desired effect. With the mouse, youd have to stop, change brush size, erase, change brush size again, erase some more.

Tablets also hold their value pretty well, so even if you bought one and used it for your college career you could probably still ebay it and get half your money once you graduated.

thanks for the info guys.
ability might still be still the main factor at the end of the day regardless of the tools used. i’ll try to find a friend who has a pen tablet and give it a try to see how it works.

for now ill keep on practising sketching on paper…