Is my work too boring ?

:arrow_right: cy sim, Student in Selangor, Malaysia

I don’t think your work is boring. It looks quite interesting. However, I think the presentation could be more exciting. I have a few suggestions:

1 - SKETCHES! Sketches the most exciting thing you can have, because they represent the conception and development of the idea. Show your sketches, even if they suck. You don’t have to be pro, as long as you can communicate a good idea. Have a least a few pages with sketches in your portfolio. Sketches are especially important for getting internships and your first job since that’s what you usually do a lot, so don’t shy away from them.

2 - PEOPLE! Remember that these products are meant to be useful to people. Show them in context! Do an illustrator outline of a person using your walker. Also, add a persona to your walker so people can really understand her needs and how you met them.

3 - LESS GRAPHIC DESIGN BOXES! It is more difficult, but try to get rid of arbitrary boxes in your page layouts. Compose your text using only weight, size, and opacity, and it should look much cleaner and less cluttered.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the sharing. :wink: