Is my portofolio good enough for ID?

For a start I am in my final year of BSc. mechanical engineering and have had no training in art or design(except the engineering side). I started playing around with photoshop about an year back to acquire whatever skills I presently have and have created the following:

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Is this + my work from engineering design courses and little bit of 3-D modelling good enough for an application for Masters in ID ? Will I really have a chance to get into a good Design School in Europe? Or should I take a years break and work more on my portfolio?

NoteMost colleges do accept the fact that someone from an engineering background won’t have an orthodox portfolio.

sorry I ask too many questions :astonished:

Any comments are highly appreciated.

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I kind of went the other route than you took. I didn’t get a formal education in Engineering. I interned and worked summer jobs at engineering firms to get that kind of background.

As for getting into grad schools with a mech degree…I can’t speak to that at all. I have zero experience/exposure to that kind of degree.

Your portfolio you showed definitely shows that you have an eye for the graphic arts side of the process.

Its easy to provide opinions about your life and what you do…so I will go ahead and do that :wink:

If you can’t take the time for a full ID undergrad program, I wouldn’t look at the Masters in ID. The majority of value to ID is in the undergrad program. I would imagine that you should be able to enter an ID program in the 2nd or 3rd year and be able to augment your technical degree. Take continuing education classes. Try and get a job at an ID design house as the Mechanical Engineer/CAD jockey. My $0.02 is to not go for the grad degree.

There is a very valuable niche in the ID world for an Engineer that has sensitivity to the design process. Understands that .5 mm can change the feel of a product in your hand. That taking the extra time to get the continuity in your CAD model does make the difference between a good product and a great product.

In short, I would work on tayloring your career towards that end if you want to design. Being around design and having the ability to incorporate it into your technical background is a valuable tool.

That’s an interesting comment, I never knew I could cut 1 or 2 years from the undergrad degree. I’ll have a rethink now i suppose.

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Think you should go for visual or graphical art designer instead of ID.

Your portfolio is 100% graphic design, and not in the least industrial/product design. Which is bizarre considering your engineering background- aren’t you interested in applying your emerging design sensibilities to physical, 3 dimensional problem, rather than limiting yourself to printed materials?

I agree, your portfolio is very graphic design, that plus your engineering background will get you into an Undergrad ID program, almost definitely. I got accepted into the RISD and CCA ID programs as a transfer student really only based on my graphic design schooling, you could definitely shave some time off of the undergrad.

I also agree on the grad part. When you are doing a masters you’re focussing on a specific topic of ID. Which required a pretty good command of the basics, the best route is to get a couple of years with ID in an undergrad program, then go for the more specialized masters. Good luck!

Thanks for your reply everyone, I pretty much got the answers I was looking for :slight_smile:

And I realize that my portfolio is entirely graphic design, but I do have 4 extensively worked on design projects + my final term design project = massive :astonished: Obviously I would love to showcase more ID skills, but if you take engineering as undergrad you hardly have time to breathe let alone put together a portfolio. That’s why I’m leaning towards getting a job at a ID firm before I go back to school.

And the main reason I was looking at a graduate course was because of the program offered at RCA, London. It is structured for people with engineering BG and is jointly organised with Imperial College which is one of the best Mechanical Engineering colleges. And I really want to get into this program.