Is my name bad for business?

Ever since I was young I have gone by ‘Stephe’ ( pronounced: /stif/ in the IPA). But will this hurt me when it comes to HR people and who ever else looks at my resume? My father is Steve and it would be ridiculous to use my middle name to differiciate.

But what is in a name?

My name’s Kshitish…big deal :stuck_out_tongue:

If they have a problem with your given name, you don’t want to associate with them anyway.

I am a guy in the US with the name Robin. Every time I meet somebody I have to repeat it again because they want to call me Rob or Robert, presuming that they heard me wrong.

Why complicate things? Just use your real name and the real spelling and if it causes problems you can blame your parents.


lol, the states suck. with the last name frolka, people usually don’t take me seriously… i think it has something to do with those dongers sticking out of their ear, i think they call them bluetooths… hahahaha.

Yeah, don’t worry. My given name is Khean. I get Keenan, Keegan, Keen, Kernan and and number of extra consonants in between syllables.

I always took my unique name as something that set me apart from the crowds, and try to build an identity around it.

Honestly- I can’t tell you how many times people screw up Marcus. (Markus, Mark, Markis, even friggin MATT) For pete’s sakes folks…

Stick with your name and love it.

My name is Lewis, I go by Lew. My father’s middle name was Louis.
Not an uncommon name really, but I have been addressed as Blue, Lee, Luke, Jude, Low, and Hugh. At least no one has addressed me as Sue. Yet.

Three of my friends, all male, are named Leslie, Karol, and Karyn.

My friend Kaloch, is a Scotsman. He pronounces it, Ka (soft “a”) - loch (long “o”) When he says it, it sounds like Ka-loak. Kaloch is 6’3" and people never seem to have to repeat his name when he introduces himself.

I figure that they either pay enough attention to get it right the first time, or are afraid to ask.

LOL, “A Boy Named Sue” is a Cash song right?

Aside from getting a “Matt” from time to time, which is my brother’s name, Michael is pretty hard to screw up, but DiTullo gets butchered 10 ways till Tuesday. I get a lot of Dut-el-oh, Die-Too-Lee-oh, and some really wacky dar-tuh-lil-lios…

Dee - 2 - Low

not too difficult.

My guess would have been Keen, but I’m guessing its ka-heen?

My last name is “Eyre” and it gets butchered constantly.





and it’s pretty straight forward “ey” like in “hey” and “re” like in “are” all adding up to “air.” I don’t even bother correcting people half the time because they tend to not register the correction.

Funny enough… my first name “Josh” turns into “John” or “Jonathan” surprisingly frequently.

Ahhh… What can you do? Be who you are. Maybe they’ll remember you better because it became a topic of conversation.

People who only read my first name usually think I’m a guy, and when I say it they spell it all wrong. Four letters and they can’t get it right. The good thing, however, is that once they learn they don’t forget.

I’m Jaci (pronounced “JC”), btw :wink:

I too have an odd name. I am a dude, and my first name should be associated with a male russian commie banging his shoe at an FN convention, instead it is mostly associated with a female contract killer (movie and later tvshow, thank you hollywood). Can anyone figure it out? :wink: And my last name I have to spell out 99/100.

As said before - stay proud of your individuality. It sets you apart, and gets you remembered. Those that have a problem with your freaking name are not those you want to be associating with anyhow. But yeah, sometimes I do wish I was Joe or Mike. I’m glad my name is at least not Usama or Adolf.

Well I’m a male and my last name is Daisy. Beat that!


I’m named after Vladimir Lenin.


Nice. Yeah so far the best thing about have Stephe Theodore-Robert Kamykowski as a name is that I get picked off of lists a lot.