Is MIT going down?

The “porcupine” dress looks like a dodgy school project, what is next for MIT professors?


I think MIT people are just very into putting wires into their clothing to demonstrate how people can interact with each other-

have you seen, pretty much more of the same, but it’s student work?

I went to the show, pretty cool stuff- plus the everybody was wearing cool puma shoes (that were sometimes more interesting than the fashion) it was in a fashion show format-- I think it should have been in a gallery format, with live models walking around talking to people wearing the electonic pieces… unless they eventually did that in the end- I left early

Anybody else see the show?

I was there, I thought the show was pretty lame on all levels. I don’t know about you, but I thought these tech pieces would actually… work. the ideas the students presented were pretty neat, social communication, customization, but the tech component which ostensibly was the main draw was absent. for instance 1 design involved bracelets that had “dna” represented with a specific color. The idea was that you would see other people during the day who had these bracelets, which had their own DNA. when the bracelets met new DNA would form changing the color of both bracelets. looked interesting in the program, but then the piece comes down the runway and they were just fabric, and the “change” was pantomimed. every piece I saw (i left about half way through) was like that, and it was a huge let down. but the pumas were numerous. I’d be curious to learn what other people thought, or if the pieces got better half way through.